Wasatch Wakeup

I see a literal wake-up call earthquake. As in, I see the earthquake on the Wasatch Front happening early morning around 4-4:30 am until about 6-6:30 am with aftershocks.I see a warm sunny day with rain and an unexpected cold front that brings in a quick snow fall to the valley the night before. I see green grass and patches of melting wet snow, wet grass, no ice, no sleet, no shoveling. I see melting snow and wet roads from rain. I see that the Wasatch Wake-up is a literal wake-up call. Several people are awakened as they feel the trembling of the earth beneath them and items fall around them. I see startled faces and excitement. I see scrambling for glasses, flashlights, shoes, and clothes. I see affects at the airports, the campuses, the highways, the airbases, the real estate along I15 etc., crashing glass buildings. I see a wake-up earthquake with reports of aftershocks for several days. I see hospitals,schools, college campuses and housing affected and I see a wake-up that leads to a media whirlwind and a domino effect.I see power outages, help needed, rescues, and escapes. I see faith shaken and faith awakened. I see hearts softening and healing happening. I see refugees, rescue, service, repair and replenishment. I see shelves shaking and emptying and charity extended.I see that as expected, Wasatch Earthquake is yet a warning shake that will wake up several who are disaffected, disenchanted, distracted and disengaged. I see Wasatch Waking up and realizing that the Time is Now.

  • Julie Barnett (Posted on April 27th, 2016 on Julieroweprepare.com)

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